Normanno Di Meno Catarratto 2023 75cl


Tasting Note

It has an amazing scent of Amalfi lemons, almost like an essential oil, with tropical fruit notes too. The palate also has this delicious lemony character and juicy texture. There is a special type of lemon that you can eat, skin and all, which is so delicious, and this reminds us of that.


Based in the subregion Alcamo in Western Sicily, wine has been made by the Vesco family for 100 years, along with tending to olive groves and wheat. The family revolutionised their farming and cellar practices in the 90s and are now combining traditional techniques with modern technology to result in great success. 

The name of the company is used to indicate less handling, less intervention and less filtering and SO2 as "meno" means "less" in Italian. However, with all of these "less" factors, it certainly does not apply to flavour! They are known to be leaders on the island in organic and sustainable viticulture, having nearly 100 hectares of vines. 

Country: Italy | Region: Sicily | Alcohol: 12% | Grapes: Catarratto | Organic | Sustainable