Paso a Paso & Co Las Criolla de Don Graciano Driolla White 2022 75cl


Tasting Note

Peas - this tastes of peas! Fresh ones just out of the pod. There is a zippy rhubarby hint too with a delightful floral note coming out too. Wonderful stuff.

Producer's Notes

"Microvinified wines made with a true artisanal and natural concept, with meticulous care and personal monitoring. Agro-ecological grapes, respecting the environment, the people and the essence of the Terroir. Each bottle is the result of the conjunction of art, adrenaline and contemplation, understanding that everything is part of a process and that to obtain something unique with personality, the important thing is to advance "step by step".

Our goal is to make authentic wines, keeping traditional methods alive . There is nothing better to us than working in the vineyard, following the whole vine cycle and enjoying the evolution of the grapes.

We are also working hard to put in value and rescue some Criolle varieties from very old vines that are still alive in different terroirs within Mendoza."

Country: Argentina | Region: Mendoza | Alcohol: 12% | Grapes: Criolla | Organic | Vegan | Vegetarian