Pereira d'Oliveiras Boal Medium Sweet 1982 75cl


Tasting Note

"Celebrating a 40th birthday or anniversary in 2022? This delicious sweet Madeira is perfect for you. Delicious raisinous flavours, marmalade, honey and maple. Outstanding."


The founders of D’Oliveiras were visionaries that saw the true value of Madeira Wine: its ability to improve over time. Therefore they started storing as much Madeira Wine as possible, letting it slowly mature inside the barrels for future generations to be able to enjoy it further. For that reason, D’Oliveiras is the only Madeira Wine company that owns Madeira Wine bottles and Barrels from as far as the 1850’s that can still be commercially purchased.

Country: Portugal | Region: Madeira | Alcohol: 20% | Grapes: Boal