Pilton Pomme Pomme 75cl


Somerset-grown quince, co-fermented with keeved bittersweet cider apples. This fruity cider brings together these cider apples with their pome family third cousin, the quince. The unique tart astringency of the quince is balanced here by the natural fruity sweetness of Pilton's classic keeved cider.

Artisan producers at the heart of Somerset’s cider-land making whole juice sparkling cider by the old English method of keeving. Keeving is an artisan cider-making technique used to create a natural cider without sweetening or pasteurisation. Wild yeasts, cool cellars and low nutrient orchards are all key elements in the process. Only 100% fresh pressed cider apples are used, no sugar, no water, and nothing else. Apples are collected from traditional cider orchards in and around the parish of Pilton and slowly fermented for six months in Pilton’s cool Victorian cellar before bottling.