Primordial Soup / Prime Cut Red 2016 75cl


Tasting Note

A rich and bloody bouillabaisse of the Western Cape’s classical cultivars, packed with juicy life, red in tooth and claw. It has a nose of creamy summer pudding and a palate of crushed cherries with a cranberry tang and texture.


This wine pays homage to the primordial soup theory - the 19th Century theory of Creation called Evolutionary Theory that irrefutalbly proves that all living things have a common ancestry: Nature's Original Primordial Soup, the swamp. There are two examples ("soups") brought together (a red and a white) to express the truly outstanding grapes from the winelands of the Western Cape from a natural selection of whaterver cultivars are at their best, creating variation between each vintage but never variation in quality.

Country: South Africa | Region: TBC | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: TBC | Vegetarian | Vegan