Rebel Root Outcider 2016 75cl


Summer 2016 was insanely warm and sunny. This made the fruit extra ripe and turned their skin almost all red. This has created a beautiful pinkish hue in the colour. Topped with a light floral bouquet on the nose. Light, appley with a hint of straw as you'd expect of a cider matured for this long.

The Stephens family have been growing apples since the early 80’s and have inherited a great knowledge and respect for our nation's favourite fruit and the skill that goes into growing them. On the family farm in Bolney, Sussex they grow over 5,500 apple trees dating from 1930 to 1992 and to pollinate them we have 48 beehives full of thousands of amazing bees . In addition to their own fruit, they have a network of growers across our region who provide us with some top notch fruit.