Reyneke Organic Shiraz Cabernet 2019 75cl


Tasting Note

Lovely spice comes from the Shiraz and then a blackcurrant, cherry, plum and green chilli comes from the Cabernet. A cracking bottle of organic wine.


Reyneke believe in taking things back to how they used to be done, without chemicals, without technological advances, and just doing things naturally. They focus on biodynamic winemaking, using only part of their land for vines, whilst dividing the rest between pastures, compost-making and areas of wilderness. This ensures that the farm can produce its own fertiliser and compost, meaning they have less dependence on bringing in fertiliser in trucks producing diesel exhausts, as well as having the added benefit that being self-sufficient gives them a low cost, not being dependent on oil prices. 

This philosophy runs throughout every aspect of the farm, even the small decisions of whether to put paper into the office recycling bin. Here they decide to shred it and feed it to their earthworm farm, which later supplies the vineyards with vermi-compost. 

They put a more spiritual understanding into practice throughout, by naming their cows instead of numbering them, as well as even studying the weeds to learn while they are there rather than immediately getting rid of them. 

In the vineyards they continue to practice a herbicide-, pesticide-, and fungicide-free action by instead, selecting and growing companion plants amongst the vines to out compete the weeds. These plants then have the ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere, help to break compacted soil, or even harbour beneficial insects. And in order to combat pets, they release natural predators, like ducks. 

They are independently certified and even trying to move away from natural fungicides (which are used instead of systemic fungicides) in order to only apply biological controls. 

Working with natural and cosmic cycles, rhythms and forces that regulate all life on earch, they even ensure that the planting, pruning, harvesting and general vineyard practices all happen naturally.

Country: South Africa | Region: Stellenbosch | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz | Family Owned | Organic | Biodynamic