Rock of Wisdom Shiraz Viognier 2016 75cl


Tasting Note

Producer Note

"Wise people say that all wines should be tasted. Wiser people say that some wines should be sipped. Wisdom says for others, drink the whole bottle. We are that bottle.”


Husband and wife team Pete and Sofi Hiscock are here to show the world the softer, brighter side of the Barossa. Pete brings the rock, Sofi brings the Wisdom, and together they produce wines in the heart of the Barossa. Minimal intervention, focusing on early picking for freshness, gentle extraction, doing everything (literally everything) by hand and sparing oak are key to their ethos and purity of their wines that put drinkability at the forefront.

Country: Australia | Region: Barossa Valley | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Shiraz, Viognier