Seven Crofts Fisherman's Strength Gin 70cl


Tasting Note

Seven Crofts is coincidentally made of seven key botanicals. While the team were keen to use locally grown botanicals, getting the exact flavour they were after meant opting for more exotic ones, such as pink peppercorn and fresh lemon peel. On the nose it is rich, round aromatic notes of juniper, pepper with a noticeable hint of ripe plum. On the palate there are opulent notes of perfumed forest fruit and a suggestion of woodland. The juniper is assertive with spicy hints of coriander and pink pepper and a long, warm finish. Tonic still allows gin to shine (1 part gin to 2 parts tonic) on the nose. Served with orange slice (massage oils from zest into gin). Palate is balanced with tonic softening the alcohol allowing the distinctive character of the gin to assert itself. The finish is a fresh, clean G&T with balanced and elegant yet distinctive flavours of juniper, pepper, orchard fruit and a poised, spicy finish. Serve in a straight glass with lots of ice, a good quality tonic and garnished with a slice of orange.


With the likes of Michael Caine already giving this his personal go ahead for his restaurant and the Savoy snapping this one up, along with a host of enquiries from stockists to get us to list this we're taking pre-orders for the next sought after gin hailing from Ullapool. The Highland Liquor Co. initially launched the Experimental Series and used the results of the tasting of these gins to craft the final flavour profile of Seven Crofts.

Country: Scotland | Region: Highlands | Alcohol: 57%