Sigurd Wines Chenin Blanc 2018 75cl


"OK, so if you like your orange juice with bits and your beer cloudy, this is the wine for you. Natural, appley with a ton of funk - burnt butter, mango, bready - this is a strange, but really enjoyable, wine."

Dan Sigurd Graham was named after his Norwegian great-grandfather, who shared a similarly mischievous outlook on life. Sigurd Wines was born in 2012 with just two tonnes of Grenache from Blewitt Springs, which he fermented on a friend’s veranda. His new adventure followed a career that has taken him to Central Otago, Alentejo, Bordeaux, Hermitage, Barolo and all around New South Wales and Barossa. He is now sourcing excellent fruit from Adelaide Hills, Barossa and Clare Valley for a range of pure delicious wines.