Sky Garden Galloway Gin 70cl


Tasting Note


Founded by Andrew, the distillery is a passion project of the area due to the family roots that he has had here for generations. It was build in an old derelict primary school which has been converted and shared with other tennants including the Dark Space Planetarium and a pottery painting studio. Many of the building's original features have been retained, including old-style chalk boards, wood panelling and the clock on the central tower. The distillery contains a custom-built 450L still named "Peggy", after Andrew's grandmother who came from Kirkcudbright.

For years, many people have been enticed to this corner of Scotland by its light phenomena. There is an absense of light in the Galloway Forest Park as well as a great quality of light (especially at dusk) in Kirkcudbright and the surrounding areas which has people flocking towards the region. Once the sun sets on the wondrous loch, mountain and forest views, Kirkcudbright becomes one of the darkest places in all of Europe, becoming the first accredited Dark Sky Park in the UK and Western Europe in 2009 (its only the 4th in the world as well). Enthusiasts come here to contemplate and amaze at the vast sky garden revealed above them with rivers of light and amazing starts being the enternal roof hovering above all nations. There is the rare opportunity granted here of witnessing shooting stars, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Aurora Borealis and stellar nurseries. 

This area has also been a great attraction for artists since the 1880s, thanks to its colourful streets, historic castles and tolbooth, art galleries and a great working harbour. It is now renowned as "the Artists' Town". 

Country: Scotland | Region: Kirkcudbright, Galloway | Alcohol: TBC