Umathum Zweigelt 2020 75cl


Tasting Note

"Deep red ruby colour with a velvety fruity palate, a super lower alcohol red"


"Josef Umathum took over a small, 15 hectare family estate in 1985. At that time, vines represented less than half of this area, and bottling was a relatively new activity for the family. With his father in the vineyards and Josef responsible in the cellar the reputation grew quickly and in 1990 they were chosen as Falstaff magazine’s Vintner of the Year. The UK Wine Magazine trophy came in 1995, and in 2000 he planted six more hectares in Jois on the north shore of Lake Neusiedl. Part of these new plantings involved recreating, in beautiful stone terracing, an historic vineyard with a history of wine production dating back to 1214.  In 2007 they became part of the Demeter Biodynamic organisation.
Today the vineyards total 33 hectares, producing 85% red wines; quite a range of different styles. We don’t buy everything, but we love his Hallebuhl – Austria’s best Zweigelt for us and his Lindenblatrigger (=Harslevelu) and his brilliant sweet wine. Oh, and his vivid, serious dry rosé too. As well as his reputation for St Laurent, it is the serious depth to Josef’s Zweigelt wines which is perhaps the most unique aspect of the estate”.

Country: Austria | Region: Burgenland | Alcohol: 12.5% | Grapes: Zweigelt | Organic | Biodynamic