Vignoble du Reveur Vibration Riesling 2020 75cl


Tasting Note

"Lime, lemon verbena, chamomile, apple and quince, bright and juicy. Beautiful aperitif, and wonderful with fish, cured fish, slightly spicy dishes, and those prepared with cream."


Mathieu Deiss is son of the famous Marcel Deiss. This is his own little domaine, that where the wine is mainly made by his partner Emanuelle Milan, who herself is the daughter of the famoust Henri Milan, of the South of France. Mathieu farms in his grandfather's vineyard parcels using biodynamic methods and occasionally using skin contact for his wines to eliminate, where possible, the use of sulphur in the winemaking pricess. 

Country: France | Region: Alsace | Alcohol: TBC | Grapes: Riesling | Organic | Biodynamic | Natural